10 Drug Launches to Watch in 2021

2021 Novel Drug Approvals: Sales Forecast, Potential Cautions & Insights

From big pharma to small biotech, blockbuster products in oncology, rare disease, and primary care are launching this year, but who are the companies and drugs to watch?

The FDA has kept approvals flowing throughout the pandemic and we expect the momentum to continue. While there are many drugs that have made it to late stage trials and FDA approvals, in this report we focus specifically on 10 drug launches to watch closely.

In this report you will find information on:

  • Manufacturer
  • Indication
  • Sales forecast
  • Why it has potential
  • Cautionary insights

With experience delivering more than 70 pharmaceutical product launches, Herspiegel Consulting has an impeccable record for drug launches across different therapeutic areas, for clients both local and global. From identifying issues and opportunities that impact pharmaceutical drug launch strategy, to aligning communications between cross-functional teams, we are experts in maximizing clients’ product launch success.

Herspiegel Consulting is a flexible partner for success at all critical points in the pharmaceutical drug launch process.

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