Consulting engagements

Getting the Most of Consulting Engagements

A consultant should be someone who provides expert advice professionally. Engaging a consultant provides access to deeper levels of expertise than would be financially feasible to retain in‐house on a long‐term basis. Organizations can control expenses and risk by purchasing as much service as d...
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Innovation Pharma Sees Drop 2016

Innovation in Pharma

Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry has a dramatic impact on the health, wellness, and pocket books of millions of people. It improves quality of life, extends life time, saves lives, and can spur vigorous political debate. Historically, innovation has meant drug or treatment development. Due ...
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How Pharma Can Prepare for the Patent Cliff

Extending market exclusivity and responding properly to the volume of recent patent expiries are critical to the sustainability of pharmaceutical corporations.  In the midst of the 2012-2019 patent cliff, the period during which market exclusivity for top-selling biologics is jeopardized, pharmaceu...
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