Application Process

Herspiegel Consulting recruits both experienced professionals and students for roles within the company. We are always looking for individuals who embrace our entrepreneurial culture and can bring their creative and fresh ideas to our clients.

interview at pharmaceutical consulting

The process for an interview includes:

  1. First round interview on the phone
  2. Second round interview at our Yardley office which includes:
  • Formal case interview
  • Excel assessment
  • PowerPoint assessment
  • 3-4 team member interviews

Experienced Hires

For experienced hires, we seek strong experience in the consulting industry with a background in the life sciences. We expect experienced hires to bring a high-level of expertise and experiences that can make an impact on our organization immediately.


For graduate students, successful applicants typically have an undergraduate degree in the sciences and are hired after completing an MBA, MD, or PhD. In addition, candidates usually have experience working in the life sciences industry prior to their graduate experience. For undergraduate students, we seek a strong academic and/or research background in engineering or life sciences. Internships or other work experience is a plus.

Recruitment Events

Herspiegel Consulting is planning various campus recruiting events in the coming year.  If you are unable to attend one of our campus recruiting events, please apply by sending your resume and cover letter to