A New Blueprint for Commercializing Cell and Gene Therapies

How advanced medicines commercial readiness differs from traditional drug launches.

Cell and gene therapies represent tremendous potential advancement for patient care, with the first therapy approved in 2017 they have only recently become available. As we enter 2023, a half-decade after the first FDA approved Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT), some of the few pioneers of these therapies with curative intent
are not meeting commercial expectations. While reasons for underperformance vary, the common thread that weaves throughout is the degree of commercial and/or launch planning readiness established prior to anticipated approval.

Blueprint for Commercialization of Cell and Gene Therapies

What the paper covers.

Commercializing cell and gene therapies

Commercial Readiness

Looking into the future, with thousands of cell and gene therapies in development, manufacturers are paving a new path for launching their products into the marketplace. Cell and gene therapies have changed how we treat diseases, now, as more of these treatments are commercializing, manufacturers have to learn from these pioneers and start to recognize the importance of evolving the go-to-market model.  This starts much earlier now, and if done right, more patients can have access to these treatments at scale.


In this paper, we share a few insights related to unlocking non-clinical barriers to demand generation and enabling a runway for a CGT launch:

  1. Map patient navigation by treatment center and its network facilities
  2. Identify and prioritize treatment center sites of care
  3. Establish a process for treatment center certification/qualification

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Kate Reedy, Commercial Executive

Kate Reedy

Senior Commercial Executive

Kate Reedy is a commercial executive with 20 years of industry experience in global and U.S. roles across sales, business operations and analytics, marketing and long range strategy. Most recently, Ms. Reedy served as SVP, Commercial at Castle Creek Biosciences, a clinical stage lentiviral-based CGT company. She was responsible for building and operationalizing a fit for purpose commercial infrastructure while influencing clinical trial protocol to optimize business impact.

Beth Schurman Herspiegel Consulting

Beth Schurman

COO, Founding Partner

Beth Schurman is the Chief Operating Officer and founding partner of Herspiegel Consulting. As a 20+ year pharmaceutical industry veteran, Beth is an experienced marketing professional with a broad marketing background, including experience in brand development, new product launches, market shaping, and life cycle management. Her strong leadership, attention to detail, and communication skills have made her a trusted partner of countless clients.