Patient Journey and Product Launch Planning – Oncology

Drug Launch for New Cancer Therapy




Patient journey mapping is used to identify a patient’s pathway through their healthcare journey. Nowhere is this more important than in the area of cancer care. Our client was developing a new therapy in the oncology category and needed a partner for their product launch planning as well as patient journey mapping.


The Problem


A Herspiegel Consulting client was developing a supportive care treatment in oncology and they needed to understand how the disease state was currently managed. They also needed to know how the new therapy option would change the treatment paradigm. The treatment had the potential to be utilized across multiple solid and hematological cancers. To be successful in this established category the client needed to concretely map out and analyze the patient’s journey.


Our Solution


  • Herspiegel Consulting used optimal research design including target HCP and patient profiles.
  • Secondary research was conducted to identify the initial transactional patient journey.
  • Recruited and executed primary research in three phases with HCPs and patients.
  • Documented findings in comprehensive report.
  • Facilitated review session and strategic planning with cross-functional client team.



Patient Journey

Value Delivered


  • The transactional and attitudinal patient journey mapping helped to inform leverage points for brand strategy and direction for both the market shaping and brand promotional campaigns.
  • The patient profiles, developed based on the patient journey analysis, were used in oncology congress materials.

Are you launching a new oncology product?

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