Commercial and Marketing Excellence

Developing a comprehensive brand experience for your product.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, marketers need to be agile and adapt their strategies and tactics to remain competitive.

At Herspiegel Consulting, we help our clients achieve brand success, while assisting them in navigating and responding effectively to changes in the market. We know that the hallmark of great marketing is the ability to uncover key insights and build on the unique nature of a brand to develop the strategic plan of where to play—and how to win—while ensuring positive customer experiences. Herspiegel Consulting helps US and global marketing teams define and optimize these frameworks and tools to deliver consistent, efficient, and measurable results. We provide practical solutions that leverage marketing best practices and analytics to drive aggressive and profitable business growth.

Herspiegel Consulting applies deep market insights to solve the challenges that determine the success of your brand, portfolio, technology, and business. We deliver innovative and durable solutions for long-term success and our customer-centric approach ensures impactful commercial strategy. As your trusted adviser and partner, we provide support from concept ideation to performance tracking, and all stages in between.

Herspiegel Consulting’s Recent Project Examples

Brand Strategic Planning

Provided strategic insights, recommendations, and plans to support brand goals that connect directly to consumer needs and market dynamics.

Positioning and War-Gaming Workshops

Developed and facilitated workshops to assess competitive scenarios and threats to develop actionable plans.

Brand Management Staff Augmentation

Acted as brand management staff at every level of the organization when internal headcount was not available.

LCM Strategy

Developed strategies that encompass product SWOT analysis, integrated product roadmap, and aligned cross-functional teams.

Digital Health in Pharma White Paper

Consumers are now demanding the same access to personalized healthcare information and products they have grown accustomed to with their consumer goods. While some pharmaceutical companies are adapting, many find themselves struggling to evolve. Read our white paper to learn more about how digital health is changing the pharmaceutical industry.