Creating Clear Co-positioning Lanes

Optimize Portfolio Performance with Clear Co-positioning Lanes

A strong portfolio of treatments can improve outcomes for a range of patients and improve product performance by showing a commitment to the therapeutic area. The challenge is to continue to develop products for the same indication without cannibalizing existing products. In this situation, distinct co-positioning is essential to the success of both products. The complexity of multiple brands within the same product portfolio and therapeutic area causes a lack of clarity around the distinction between the appropriate patient type, usage situation, and differentiated benefits for each product if proper co-positioning is not developed.  The result may be sub-optimal performance for all the products.

In this paper we share:

  • When to use a co-positioning strategy
  • Developing strong co-positioning within a portfolio
  • Preparation for product launch
  • Communication and execution of a co-positioning strategy

Creating clear co-positioning


Brian Williams

S.V.P. Commercial Strategy and Execution

Brian Williams SVP

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