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The Four Key Elements of Successful New Product Planning

New product planning is the nexus point between development and commercial planning. It’s where you define the opportunity and set the stage for marketing the brand. Read our most recent white paper by Beth Schurman where she discusses 4 key elements of successful new product planning.

Commercial Launch Readiness for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Start-ups

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology start-ups are uniquely challenged when launching a new product because they are navigating a rapidly evolving regulatory and competitive landscape while building their internal organization and capabilities. Based on Herspiegel Consulting’s experience advising start-up clients, our whitepaper has defined four critical success factors that are crucial to achieving a successful first product launch.

DigiPharma Connect Recap – Debriefing DigiPharma Connect

Struggling with Digital Health Integration? You’re not alone! We recently met with senior leaders from across the industry at DigiPharma Connect and found most are struggling with the same questions. See the questions and responses in our newest whitepaper.

BMS-Celgene Merger: Worth It?

In January, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) announced that they would acquire Celgene at the price tag of approximately $74B with a 58.6% premium paid by BMS over Celgene’s share price at time of acquisition. We have analyzed the deal to answer the question: Was it worth it? Read more to find out!

Copay Accumulators & Maximizers

This whitepaper outlines how copay cards were intended to address patient affordability concerns and how copay accumulators and maximizers impact that process. However, there are steps brand leaders can take to reduce exposure to these programs.

FDA Real-World Evidence Program Framework: Implications for Pharmaceutical Companies

The FDA is developing a framework for use of Real-World Evidence for approval of in-line indications. Pharma manufacturers will need to consider a new model of integrated decision making which evaluates traditional clinical trials, hybrid designs, and RWE in life cycle management planning. Read more!