Launch Preparation

Leading product launches across multiple therapeutic areas.

As the landscape for launching a new pharmaceutical or biotech product evolves, it is vital companies are able to adapt to meet the increasing demands of new market trends.

With experience on more than 60 product launches, Herspiegel Consulting seamlessly integrates commercial strategy with process expertise. We have an impeccable record at launching multiple products successfully across different therapeutic areas, both globally and in the US. From identifying issues and opportunities that impact product launch strategy, to aligning communications between cross-functional teams, we are experts in how to maximize your product’s launch success.

Starting from a strawman plan informed by launches across oncology, rare disease, and primary care, we partner with client teams to build extremely detailed, cross-functional plans appropriate to the molecule, market, and company. Our ongoing launch management ensures timely execution, risk reduction, and strategic thinking. From project management to executional support, Herspiegel Consulting is a flexible partner for success at this critical point in time.

Product Launch Plans

Developed a comprehensive launch plan, including deliverables, timelines, and project interdependencies between functional areas.

Risk Mitigation Workshops

Created and facilitated workshops to identify product launch risks and develop mitigation strategies.

Launch Readiness Assessments

Performed a comprehensive review to ensure cross-functional alignment, pressure test the launch plan, and identify major risk factors.

Commercial Capabilities Building

Expanded commercial teams by organizing and quickly onboarding new staff while continuing to evaluate and improve operations.

Staff Augmentation

Provided supplemental commercial support to drive launch objectives and strategies where internal headcount was not available.

Commercial Launch Readiness for Start-ups White Paper

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology start-ups are uniquely challenged when launching a new product. They need to navigate a rapidly evolving regulatory and competitive landscape, while building their internal organization and capabilities. Read our white paper to learn the four critical success factors that are crucial to achieving a successful product launch for start-ups.