Brent Herspiegel, Founder/President

Brent Herspiegel, FounderBrent Herspiegel is the Founder and President of Herspiegel Consulting LLC.  As a 20-year pharmaceutical industry veteran, Brent brings his global consulting and substantial client-side experience to our client projects. With his passion for innovative marketing and strategic planning, Brent has successfully developed Herspiegel Consulting into a trusted partner for our client’s marketing and operational needs.

Since its founding in 2007, Brent has helped Herspiegel Consulting pioneer groundbreaking approaches and set new standards to help our clients triumph over challenges. He has expanded the firm’s core services to address the unique and individual needs of our clients’ US and global brands. Brent continues to focus his energy on identifying and implementing innovative applications of technology into our service offerings and maintaining our high level of customer satisfaction.

Brent also has a knack for recruiting high performing team members who deliver outstanding results to our clients. He knows how crucial it is to find the right talent to achieve long-term success and he is always on the look out to find new team members to add substantial value to the firm.

Prior to starting Herspiegel Consulting, Brent developed his passion for and deep expertise in pharmaceutical marketing while working in a variety of new product planning, pre-launch and in-line marketing and sales positions for Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly and Esprit Pharma (acquired by Allergan). He recognized that many pharmaceutical and biotech clients’ needs would be best served by an agency partner that could unite exceptional marketing strategy and tactical implementation with a rigorous analytical mindset and approach typical of a consultancy. Hence Herspiegel Consulting was borne to uniquely satisfy those needs in the marketplace.

Originally hailing from Canada, Brent received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and his Masters of Business Administration specializing in the Management of Innovation and New Technology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Brent also serves as a board member of the Phi Delta Theta Canadian Educational Foundation.

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