Market Access Trends for Launch Success

Market Access Trends for Launch Success


Launching a new bio-pharmaceutical product has always been a challenge for manufacturers. Regardless of organizational size or product disease area, launches can be challenging for many reasons, including competitive environment, organizational size/agility, shortening time horizons, and regulatory hurdles. A manufacturer’s ability to objectively monitor and access their Market Access environment is critical to successfully launch a product.


In this report you will find information on external factors and internal capabilities that drive success for Manufacturers launching their products in this challenging Market Access environment:

1. External Factors:

    • Payer trends
    • Competitor trends
    • Policy trends


2. Internal Capabilities:

    • Alignment of internal stakeholders
    • Objective & comprehensive understanding of Market Access environment
    • Understand & prepare for the evolving complexity of stakeholder engagement


With experience delivering more than 70 pharmaceutical product launches, Herspiegel Consulting has an impeccable record for drug launches across different therapeutic areas, for clients both local and global. From identifying issues and opportunities that impact pharmaceutical drug launch strategy, to aligning communications between cross-functional teams, we are experts in maximizing clients’ product launch success.

Herspiegel Consulting is a flexible partner for success at all critical points in the pharmaceutical drug launch process.


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Market Access Trends For Launch Success