Market Access

Solving unique access challenges with innovative access solutions.

Keep up with policy changes, shifting patient populations, and an expectation of increasing payer financial pressures. Revisit market insights and build scenario based strategic plans for the short, medium, and long-term.

At Herspiegel Consulting, we bring strategic and tactical solutions to clients’ most pressing US market access challenges throughout the product life cycle.
We help clients gain insight and build strategy through execution to:

  • Refresh national, regional, and state level insights to better understand the changing marketplace
  • Build scenario-based access strategies and implementation plans
  • Improve payer and access stakeholder engagement
  • Effectively communicate brand value to access stakeholders
  • Realize optimal access for launch and in-line brands
  • Optimize the impact of field and access program resources
  • Overcome barriers patients encounter in their access journeys
  • Align pricing with product value


Directed by industry-leading commercial and access experts, our Market Access Practice team leverages innovative, insightful, and rigorous approaches to deliver actionable results with real business impact.

Herspiegel Consulting’s Recent Project Examples

Evidence Generation Strategies

Developed strategic roadmap to create the clinical, economic, and patient-level evidence needed to demonstrate product value for new and in-line products.

Payer and IDN Value Propositions

Created value story combining the product’s clinical value with the current economic situation for maximum impact in negotiations.

Rare Disease Market Access Strategies

Provided recommendations to ensure reimbursement and access that are commercially viable for a limited patient population.

Specialty Drug Distribution

Developed recommendations related to warehousing, shipping, wholesaler engagement, and specialty vs retail pharmacy availability.

Engagement Planning for Payers and Health Systems

Provided strategic recommendations to ensure closer proximity with major customers and establish long term relationships.

Outcomes-based Contracting

Designed and developed outcomes-based contracts to align price and product value.

Patient Access Solutions

Developed strategic and tactical solutions to help patients overcome access barriers.

AE Resource Development and Training

Developed training materials and facilitated training to assist with identifying business opportunities, removing prescription restrictions, and securing favorable formulary access.

Copay Accumulators & Maximizers White Paper

How do copay accumulators work and what can brand leaders do about them? Read our white paper outlining how these programs may actually increase the costs to patients, causing them to abandon scripts, skip doses, or switch medications.