Marketing Excellence

marketing excellence brand managementMarketing excellence brand management is at the core of all that Herspiegel Consulting does. Our team members have worked at every stage of the product lifecycle process from both the client and consulting side. We see that a hallmark of great marketing is the ability to uncover key insights and build on the unique nature of a brand to develop the strategic plan of where to play and how to win.

Herspiegel Consulting helps U.S. and global teams define and optimize their marketing frameworks and tools to deliver consistent, efficient and measurable results. We provide practical solutions that leverage marketing best practices and analytics to drive aggressive and profitable business growth. As healthcare marketing consultants, we partner with our clients to develop and facilitate workshops, develop annual brand plans and manage long-term strategic planning. In many situations, we also act as brand management staff and work on-site when internal headcount is not available.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Brand strategic planning and annual business plans

  • Positioning workshops and war-gaming exercises

  • Brand management staff augmentation support

  • Global disease strategy at corporate, business unit and asset level

  • LCM planning including marketing/medical workshop for claims evaluation and trial design

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February 12, 2018
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January 24, 2018
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