Oncology Product Launch – The Toolkit for Success

Product launch is a critical stage of the product lifecycle and often sets the brand trajectory for years to come. Oncology product launches can present particular challenges specific to commercializing in the oncology space. With the high unmet need in oncology, new assets are aiming at commercialization for many oncologic indications at a rapid pace. Given the high level of breakthrough designations among oncology assets, nearly half of the products are approved in phase II, with limited data and rapid launch timeframes. On the back end, product life cycles are shortening, with the number of years until competitive follow-on launches compressed dramatically. This sets the stage for a demanding oncology product launch readiness effort for commercial teams.

Oncology product launch readiness has unique critical success factors. Extensive understanding of clinical profiles and significant market shaping efforts become imperative within the journey of how to best arm the field teams for KOL engagement. Access and affordability requires navigating complex patient journeys and understanding the implications of buy and bill products.

This webinar will review launch readiness planning elements and timelines, including how to address the accelerated review timelines and launch scenarios oncology product launch may face. Critical areas of focus for successful oncology product launch success will be highlighted. Collaboration across partnerships and co-promotion, which is quite common in this area, will be discussed.


Speakers: Vivienne Ho, Swathi Rangan, Anne Brooks

Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020