Professional Development

At Herspiegel Consulting, professional development is a continual process. With that in mind, we invest significant time and resources toward our staff professional development plans. Our commitment to our staff is the key to our future success.

New Employee Orientation

We provide new employee orientation using a variety of methods. Our online orientation is accessible on-demand and provides a wealth of resources and contacts to assist the new employee. We also run “Knowledge Conferences” twice a year. These multi-day events provide a forum where new and existing employees enhance their knowledge on pertinent topics including sessions on the company—its vision and strategy, a review of products and staff, key methodologies, and an overview of the pharmaceutical industry.

Ongoing Professional Development

Ongoing professional development is important for your career and for continuous improvement for the company. The Herspiegel professional development includes:

  1. Ongoing coaching and early career exposure to clients lets you improve your skills quickly as you contribute to team success.

  2. Formal feedback and developmental planning sessions for new hires at 3, 6 and 12 months to make sure you and your career stay on track and keep growing.

  3. Online and live training programs that provide knowledge into the industry as a whole, new therapeutic areas, and the key skills necessary to be successful in your position.

  4. As you progress in your career, you’ll continue to receive formal feedback and developmental planning just as you in turn will be giving feedback and coaching to teams you manage.

Your development within the company is important to the firm! Your professional development plan at Herspiegel Consulting will ensure that you are given every opportunity for advancement at Herspiegel Consulting!

Career Paths

We believe that our highest performing staff members should be rewarded as such. At Herspiegel Consulting, promotions are based on merit, not time in title, so your career will grow as fast as you do!

professional development

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