Rare Disease Drug Launch – Lessons Learned to Ensure Success is Not a Rare Event

Rare disease drug launches are more common than ever. Commercial teams will continue to need rare disease drug launch expertise, as over a third of industry R&D pipeline are orphan drugs. Preparing for a rare disease drug launch is more challenging than ever before with increased competition, price pressures, and customer expectations. Success in rare disease drug launch depends on early preparation, tailored strategy, and an exquisite understanding of and responsiveness to customer needs.

With a $131 billion market valuation and 11% growth rate, it’s clear why rare disease product launch has increased. Commercial attractiveness of rare disease drug launches stems from high price points, increased exclusivity and R&D tax and cost benefits. Orphan drug designation enables 7-10-year market exclusivity and an asset can hold orphan designations across several indications.

This webinar will focus on key challenge areas and critical success factors in rare disease launch readiness including accurate opportunity sizing, engaging advocates, managing accelerated review timelines and access challenges. Our industry and professional services speakers will share lessons learned from real examples of rare disease launch readiness efforts.

Speakers: Beth Schurman, Jennifer Beachell

Date: Thursday, October 9, 2020