Transforming Patient Services in Pharma: 5 winning strategies

A patient-centric approach for commercialization of drugs and treatments improves outcomes

A specific focus on patient support services has been important to pharmaceutical manufacturers for decades. Services help patients with access to their medicines as well as offer support to improve consistent and proper use.

A transformation in patient services design needs to happen now. Pharma companies have to take the time to understand the perspective across the patient journey which is central to supporting healthy behaviors, achieving better health outcomes, and improving the patient experience.

In this paper we summarize five successful strategies for implementing patient services that are applicable to all pharma companies, regardless of size or therapeutic area.  These five strategies will help improve the development process and outcomes.

  1. Exquisite attention to the patient journey

  2. Next-generation data analytics

  3. Integration as a core principle

  4. Strategic design principles

  5. Leverage the field force

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